Among Us is the game of the moment and it seems like everyone is playing it when it initially seemed destined for oblivion. It is possible that in some of your games you have noticed unnamed players, would you like to imitate them? Here we tell you how.

As they count on DotEsports , it is possible to have an invisible or blank name when playing Among Us with a little trick. It is a process whereby your name is not really empty; however, it will cause nothing to appear on the home screen or in games.

The first thing you have to do to get it is to enter this page and select the Unicode character called Hangul Filler. Once you have it, you just have to copy it into the Among Us name field. It is worth mentioning that you can only do it in Among Us for mobile phones, since a patch disabled this option at the beginning of the year.

Once you follow these steps then you can start a game in which you will appear without a name.


Now the question is, what is the use of doing this? At first glance, not much and that is that other users will be able to accuse you simply by saying the name of your character and that’s it.

That said, it does have some utility if you think a little more. What happens is that it allows you to hide in some places where your name would normally be seen. This will give you an advantage when playing as the Deceiver or even give you a chance to hide if you need to.

It is worth mentioning that InnerSloth may release a patch that updates Among Us on mobile to eliminate this option.

And you, will you take advantage of this trick? Tell us in the comments.

How to have the invisible name in Among Us?